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All businesses need professional writing services. Why hire me?

In the 80’s and 90’s I owned Heritage Decorative Arts. It was a small business, serving Interior Decorators, gift and decor shops, and individual clients, with art and art resources. I understand the passion and vision behind having your own shop.

Due to my husband’s job change, we relocated and I couldn’t take that business with me. I became an art educator and sold my artwork to galleries and shops for the next 15 years.

What does this have to do with your business? Well, I followed a dream to develop my writing skills and apply it in a useful way to help others. So, Source Copywriting Services was born. My focus is to provide you with clear content writing for marketing your business.

What is Content Writing? How can it help my businesss?

Content writing is basically informational. People often think of it as articles, but it’s so much more. It’s a non-salesy way to tell your business message.

Here are some ways you can use content: online content, articles, blogs, keynote speeches, press releases, web page copy, landing pages, email newsletters, and my favorite- satisfied customer stories, known as marketing case studies.

What are Case Studies?

Case Studies have proven to be pure gold for your marketing. They are simply the personal stories of someone who has found and used your services. So, I’ll be the written voice of a real person who has used your service to solve a problem. Plus, I’ll describe the benefits recieved from your service or product in a creative, thoughtful way that shows the heart of your business. As a result, your customer’s story cuts through all the noise of advertising today.

What will working with me look like?

First, we will set up a quick and easy Discovery Call or Zoom meeting. This an introductory discussion to see if I’m able to be your best choice to tell your story. This will usually be about 30 minutes.

I’ll consult with you to understand your writing needs. Such as, what you want to emphasize and the tone you want to set. Plus, I’ll do my research to make sure I have a grasp on the important focus of your business and the marketing message you’re building.

Next, following your lead, I’ll interview your customer for the story about the need they had or problem they were trying to overcome and how they found your product or service. Then, we’ll see how they implemented it’s use and the good news story about benefits they got from using your product. A great testimonial, for use in your marketing, will be part of this story.

Finally, the happy customer story will be sent to you and your customer for editing, if needed, and back to me for revision. When I next submit it to you, the case study will be ready for you to hand off to your web designer for final creation. That’s it! It’s that easy!

Satisfied Customer Stories can also be used in –

Fundraising packages

Direct Mail letters,

E-newsletters & emails,


Donor Communication


Please contact me for a quick and easy discussion about writing needs.

Thank you!! Bonita

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