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Here is a cover letter for Country Music Artist, Eli Mosley. It was sent to event promoters.

Gone Country Entertainment

3364 Diamond Terrace                                                                                (  Eli Logo)

Mulberry, Florida 33860

(Address to send)

Dear , 

          Eli doesn’t want to miss you on his tour. I’m concerned that you haven’t had a chance to see this enclosed letter. 

         For five years we’ve been providing exciting, crowd pleasing, professional quality music and entertainment with Eli Mosley and Band. You may not have received an invitation from us to look at this dynamic young entertainer. So, I’m sending the enclosed package with the sincere hope that you will read its content with care. It will take only 10 minutes of your time, but that small investment may very well answer your need for a top-notch performer for __(venue)______________ in ways you might not have considered yet.  

     The information in this letter will open the door to a brand-new Country Music experience for you and your crowds. You’ll meet a young man who will bring to you the dedication and love he has for hard work ( USMC Veteran), an easy to work with personality, pared with tough professionalism, that extends to his whole organization, and he writes and performs music that is loved by both the newest Country Music fans and the Classic lovers. You’ll get a great show at a fair price. 

     All it takes to start you on your way to a great relationship with one of Country Music’s newest and hungriest entertainers is the next 10 minutes of your time. Ten very profitable – and interesting- minutes. Please read on.

Most Sincerely, 

Michael Wayne Mosley

Manager, Gone Country Entertains 



P.S. Eli Mosley is booking fast, so please don’t delay reading this information and getting this show booked for your next event. You won’t be disappointed.

Sample Writing –