Positive Thinking Lifestyle Becomes New Writing Career for Florida Art Teacher

2020 found most of the world sheltered in isolation away from the Covid-19 virus. Bonita Mosley was busy at home learning the ins and outs of becoming a freelance writer. Here is how she found her path to the “writers life”.

Bonita received a letter about Copywriting from AWAI. It piqued her interest, so she tucked it into a drawer for a rainy day. Soon, a hurricane arrived.

She’d received a medical diagnosis of Immune Deficiency Disease, taking her out of her art classroom and away from her students. Several friends suggested she just retire, rest, and for Heaven’s sake- stop learning! Bonita is usually teaching workshops, taking several online courses, or reading from her impressive creativity library.

  Fortunately, she decided she wasn’t ready for a sedentary lifestyle. She missed writing her curriculum, implementing her plans, and working with her team of teachers.  Eager to work, Bonita enrolled in the AWAI Accelerated Copywriters Course and dove in. 

But as she studied from the Copywriting Industries’ best, questions mounted. She didn’t have a corporate background or a degree in marketing or business. Bonita’s education was acquired by lots of moving, world travel, workshops, audited classes, reading, online courses and actual work. AWAI suggested looking to your past experiences to choose your place in the writing community. She wasn’t sure how her work stacked up against degrees behind a name.

Experience might count for something.

In 1976, Bonita received a lesson in marketing and customer service she would never forget. During Delta Airline’s Flight Attendant Training, the class was taken to tour the Rolls Royce jet engine hanger. Maintenance workers were lined up to welcome the new Flight Attendants.  

It turned out to be so much more than a greeting.  A spokesman addressed the class with this message, “Ladies, these engineers and maintenance people are depending on you for their jobs. Their families are depending on you. You are the face of Delta Airlines. The way you conduct yourselves and treat our customers will determine how well our company does and whether we need these people to service our planes.”

Bonita took that charge to heart and applied it to every job she’s worked. Customer service is the heart of marketing. 

A few years later, Bonita established a small business, Heritage Decorative Arts. She provided Interior Decorators with original artwork, wall murals, and hand-painted furniture. She discovered a strength – the ability to take a client’s concept and bring it to life in a beautiful piece of art.

Later that ability worked beautifully when a published Florida author hired Bonita to illustrate three children’s books. Illustrating meant careful listening to the authors words and heart, then putting them down on paper with lines and colors. Copywriters do the same thing with words.

A move to California presented Bonita with a dream opportunity. She became the art teacher of Dr. Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Academy. Dr. Schuller was her favorite motivational Pastor. The challenge came when she needed to write a full year’s art curriculum from scratch for grades K-9 two weeks before the start of school !

One of the main things Bonita enjoyed about teaching was the writing of the curriculum and seeing how it worked. She enjoyed the effort. She loved putting the pieces together like a beautiful puzzle. Each new set of students required thoughtful research and new approaches.  She loved the challenge and knew settling for a mediocre job was never going to satisfy her. 

The curriculum, which she titled,” Inquisitive Art”, became the cornerstone of 15 years of teaching and produced thousands of inspired students doing award winning art. It was recognized as an exceptional art program. The secret to its success were these questions.

“What do these children need to know to be successful with this project? And, how do I inspire them to use the lessons to keep creating on their own? “

To enhance the value of the program, she brought in history, science, geography, culture, music, and art techniques. The students loved its fullness! Word spread that something special was going here.

Then Bonita learned an interesting lesson. She was invited to address two workshops at the Florida ASCI Convention. She featured her award-winning art program. Most  teachers said, “That’s wonderful, it looks really interesting, but we don’t want to do anything more than we’re doing.”  That reaction was something she’d never considered. Many said that,” It looks like too much work.”  They preferred a mass-produced curriculum with ease and little thought. 

Thinking back on this incident gave her the final clue to apply to her new Copywriting Career. If she’d had the AWAI training then, she would have understood that an effective presentation involves more than showing the features of the product. She would have led the teachers to see the benefits that they and their students would gain from applying her educational course.  In other words, she would have taught the teachers the way she taught her students.

Yes, Experience is Valuable

  • Just as AWAI had suggested, Bonita found that she has some very important marketing skills. 
  • AWAI trained and Verified Copy and Content writer
  • She has public service experience.
  • Understands it’s vital to remain true to a company’s mission and purpose
  • Believes excellence is a brand and strives to make it hers.
  • She has the ability to hear clients, to take their concepts and translate them into a product they desire.
  • She understands the power and purpose of positive persuasion
  • World travel (42 countries) and overseas living (Taiwan and Jamaica) 
  • 15 years classroom experience plus home school teaching experience
  • Professional, award winning artist
  • Leadership in local art organizations and women’s ministries
  •  Small Business experience

Bonita Found Her Place in the Writing World

 Self- Improvement and Lifelong Learning Industry is her natural niche. Case Studies, articles and content writing are her skill set. With the AWAI Verification complete, she is ready for service to market products and services.


  • Sales- Mary Kay Cosmetics Consultant
  • Sales- Heritage Decorative Arts- marketing artwork to Interior Decorators and businesses
  • Public Relations- Delta Airlines Flight Attendant
  • Customer service- Delta Airlines
  • Customer service- Floral designer for Mitchells Florist
  • Educator- Art Teacher for three Christian Schools (15 yrs.)
  • Educator – Home school group art teacher
  • Writing- Institute for Children’s Literature- article writing
  • Writing – Institute for Children’s Literature- marketing
  • Writing – co-writing and illustrating three children’s books- published by Amazon
  • AWAI Accelerated Copywriting Course – completed and Verified
  • AWAI Case Studies Course- certification in progress
  • AWAI Self-Improvement Industry Course
  • Matt Tommey’s Created to Thrive Mentoring Artists Group
  • Blogging Your Passion Course
  • Jeff Goins Blogging Course
  • Leadership- Vision and thought leader for Lakeland Christian School Art Dept. 
  • Workshop leader and group facilitator- Artist Gathering Redeemer Church
  • Workshop leader- Vision Board workshops

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