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Content Copywriter for Central Florida Business and Services

Email Marketing Strategies, Newsletters, Blogs, Articles,

and Case Studies

Hi! I’m Bonita,

I’m a resident of Central Florida and very excited about the growth and progress happening in Polk County. Source Copywriting Services is here to help you meet your marketing needs with professional content writing products.

The heart of an effective marketing strategy is communication.

Here are the products I can offer you to meet your business or service needs:

Email Marketing Strategies-

Email is the most effective marketing tool you can use. It communicates with your customers throughout the buyers journey and beyond. You get the highest ROI of any marketing tool.


Newsletters are the lifeline of customer relations. Keep your customers informed. Write about the value of their purchase, new product launches, special marketing events and other company news. Newsletters build a relationship.


A blog delivers useful information that people can use to solve a problem, find a product, accomplish their goal or improve their lives. 84% of the Internet users consult a blog for information before buying a product. A company with an active blog is rated higher for Google searches.

Case Studies

Customer Success Stories are a valuable and often overlooked resources. People trust others experiences with your product and services. A Case Study is more than a review or testimonial. It’s the story of how your product or business met the needs. It builds trust. You can use your Case Study for over 20 marketing applications. I am a certified Case Study Specialist by American Writers & Artists Institute.


I’m not going to try to promise you the world. I am going to promise you good writing, a creative approach, and a genuine interest in helping your business shine.

So, what can you do, to see if this might be the service you’re looking for?

Please contact me at bonitakmosley@gmail or text or call 863-660-0847

All The Best,

Bonita Mosley

You can reach me at or Linked In/Bonita Mosley