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Bonita Mosley

Content Marketing Writer/ Nonprofits, Medical Services for Children and Military Families, and other industries/ Content-Articles-Blogs-Emails- Case Study Customer Stories-

Hi! I’m Bonita Mosley,

I’m an AWAI trained freelance content marketing copywriter. I’m devoted to helping your business or service fulfill your mission through the content writing products you need. When I work with you, I’m a hundred percent dedicated to being part of your team.

I’m a Certified Case Study Specialist. This is the heart of my marketing strategy. Your future customers need to know the stories of how your product or service met needs, solved problems or fulfilled dreams. That’s just the beginning.

I’ll work with you to create a positive marketing picture of your business or service, through the story of your happy customer. You’ll have a case study that is useful to you for articles, testimonials, web copy, ads, blogs, and many other marketing applications.

How do we get started?

We’ll set up a Discovery Call or zoom meeting to introduce ourselves and you can familiarize me with your content writing needs. I’ll research your organization’s mission and get a solid grasp of the message you need sent. Then, we’ll work together towards an effective marketing product.

How Can You Contact Me?

You can reach me at bonitakmosley@gmail.com or 863-660-0847

Medical and nonprofit services are very special to me. I’m the mother of a wounded and recovered Marine, a son with Epilepsy, and a granddaughter with Luekemia. I believe I can speak to the heart of those who need you.

I am a professional freelance copywriter, trained by the experts at American Writers & Artists Institute. I’m a Verified graduate of the AWAI Accelerated Copywriting Program for Direct Mail and sales letters. I’ve also obtained certification in the Case Study Mastery Program, and studied other content copy such as emails and blogging.

Please contact me- bonitakmosley@gmail.com 863-660-0847